Let's Talk Swimsuits

I read a funny article from a blog friend that lately, he said something like this: "Is there anything more demoralizing are shopping for a new swimsuit?" I wonder if you feel the same ...

Summer is almost ... here! How do we assess the confidence of our body in a bathing suit - from 1 (poor) to 10 (the uber-confident). we were somewhere in the middle. We recently had a baby boy three, so my stomach is still a little, uh, jiggly. I'm OK with the fact that I may never get my flat stomach back 100 percent. I have three adorable boys in exchange! However, I'm not too happy about squeezing into a piece of two this season, which is why I'll stick with the tankini in the beach, and reserve bikini for my back yard! (PS I wish I had a post-baby body of this woman's self-confidence -. The statement is really beautiful)