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okay, I was not a follower of fashion trend. type of fashion that I know just harajuku style (because often really denger). but now I want to try to discuss about fashion, fashion is about people and where that is appropriate for the style ngikutin.
sorry if I have previously discussed here either, knowing the layman who just wants to try.
first, I will discuss about the harajuku style. These tend to be more colourfull harajuku, many color game, hit-hit-rama. in Indonesia alone already pretty much following the style of this Japanese teenager. if I could guess-guess people who follow this style harajuku have a personality that tends to crowded, and has a fairly high confidence. and it turns out style Japanese women and Japanese men is quite different, that women prefer to wear bright colors, while men more often pake black. These results of my googling on harajuku style
The second I'll discuss about american fashion. if I may guess (again) american fashion is more simple than harajuku warnyanya blend is also more simple. teralu not many colors are used. This style is more commonly found in Indonesia than this style harajuku pictures american fashion.
Third, I will try to discuss about fashion europe. europe same real american tralu not much different, perhaps because the location of an area not far teralu. model, color combination and sebagianya tralu not much different. so we sometimes difficult to distinguish. These results of my search on google about europe fashion. this one co kyak harajuku huh? hmm

so, between keiga style it, you'll select which one? or would nyiptain trend itself? its up to you guys. clear, the appearance is often associated with our personality. so, not until one select the style you ya? :)
all about fashion model trend in USA