Accessories guide : girl boy - vintage - animal - max out -lady like - heritage

Of course, no look would be complete without some great accessories. A good rule of thumb no matter the season? Accessorize away and then before you leave the house, take one item off, says Bloomingdale’s Solomon. She advises wearing “just one important piece of jewelry and if you have an ornate handbag, let THAT be your jewelry!” Lukas states that this season’s adornments should be “layered and personal with a feeling of ‘earthy realness.’ He says to look for “gold, silver and pewter vintage pieces” and toss out those plastic pieces that were popular last year.

Model turned mogul Kathy Ireland has teamed up with Elizabeth Taylor’s line, “House of Taylor” Jewelry, for pieces that are inspired by other cultures. Ireland says “this fall, we have diamonds, chunky rings with matching earrings, colored stones, necklaces with moveable parts, lots of gold and legendary crosses.”

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