jewelry woman's

Possession of the hearts of the luxury complexSome married love and the Department, and some formed a beautiful system, and some formed a friendship, and some became rich and delicate business ... ... a variety of complex, wrapped around the wound, the achievements of a woman's unique complex inner world. And jewelry , as a woman's most intimate friends, naturally know how to accurately convey the image of the woman's Chien-minded - many world-class jewelry brands offer a "knot" as the main body of the beautiful design work, each piece is to unique and full of personality, "knot" design win. In fact, then why not a woman hidden heart of a luxury complex on it? Shop decorated with diamonds wrapped around a beautiful ribbon bow tied to heart, and took out Wyatt on the heartall about fashion model trend in USA

Did you know? Women around the world love the knot of the way is very very different.French knot, Japanese-style knot, knot ... States of India knot popular way, often reflects the culture of the country's thousands of genes and precipitation of the customs and traditions.Built by a variety of jewelry knot, they will be unexpectedly with a more delicate and beautiful way to show us a different exotic.
Most Middle Eastern jewelry knot
Representative Jewelry / Cartier bracelet
Possession of the hearts of the luxury complex

Middle Eastern woman has been advocating gold jewelry , back in the Ottoman empire period, a variety of precious stones and gold in color crafted jewelry has become the love of noble women. And the knot, the knot they love the rich texture to the material itself, and this bracelet with gold to create a just rule of texture, combined with bright red sapphire, full of Middle Eastern style.
Most American style jewelry knot

Representative Je

welry / Tiffany & Co. Ring
Possession of the hearts of the luxury complex
American knot is always with the spirit of casual appeal and abstract forms. The performance of the ring just a combination of these two aspects. Casual but has a really interesting sense of architecture.
Most French-style jewelry knot
Representative Jewelry / Chanel rings
Possession of the hearts of the luxury complex
French knot with cascading ribbon made of layered elegance, and While this diamond ring, it is as a design inspiration. Crafted by the diamond ribbon, cascading out of a soft delicate texture. Elegant and full of feminine, this is a glance of the French style.