Unique Design in New Beyonce Perfume

Deliberately designed with a unique bottle is made upside down.
Stars shine bright now lives Beyonce. Business as a successful singer. Having succeeded with a perfume labeled 'Beyonce Heat', this sexy singer will soon issue a new perfume products.
Artists who won 16 Grammy Awards and a Golden Globe, said the smell in her new perfume created by the questions his fans. The women, says Beyonce, always told him the song sung by making women stronger and more confident. And some states give them inner strength.
Beyoncé considers the creation of music, and perfume are very similar. It takes a long process of finding the right ingredients for making perfume. It just needed to write a song with a harmonious composition when it comes to combining words and music.
The story is what ultimately inspires Beyonce brings the scent of citrus and flowers in his latest perfume, named the 'Pulse'. Latest perfume designs singer of 'Crazy In Love' has a unique design. The bottle is made in reverse. And many are asking about the reason for it to Beyonce.
As quoted from page GeniusBeauty, wife of Jay Z is just a short answer. He admitted he just wanted to make a different design, fashionable and modern. Costumes are often worn on stage, becoming one of the sources of his inspiration in creating a perfume bottle designs. This fragrance will go on sale in September. 
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