Dress: Kate Middleton Steal Attention at BAFTA Duchess of Cambridge, wearing more accessories than usual.

Kate Middleton's appearance always steal the show. Whether he is attending the event casual or formal.
Like last night, when he strolled the red carpet with Prince William to attend the BAFTA (The British Academy of Film and Television Arts) in Los Angeles, United States. He appeared dressed in elegant designs from the fashion house Sarah Burton Alexander McQueen.
Last Thursday, the dress was caught on camera being taken by Canadian troops to be embedded into the plane. It was the color of the dress is not too clear. But the silhouette looks if that is the dress Kate on the night of BAFTA event.
Apparently, lavender-colored dress is soft and very accentuate the classic style of her dress. Pieces of the neckline is quite open, but made more polite form. You can see her picture here.
Adorned with glittering silver belt, seems to function accentuate the curve of her body at once luxurious and formal cause complaining. Daughter of the title Duchess of Cambridge was also wearing more accessories than usual.
Glint of diamond earrings and diamond bracelets chandelier model was wearing. Vamp clutch bag and Jimmy Choo sandals Ubai design also improve the appearance of Kate.
As reported by the Daily Mail, this is the second time Kate Middleton wore a dress from Alexander McQueen fashion house in the course of the Royal Tour, for nine days. Previously, he was wearing McQueen made in 2006, while visiting the island of Prince Edward Island in Canada last week.
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