A women's magazine Cosmopolitan in the latest issue of celebrity selected 10 who are considered to have special clothing styles.

celebrity figure like a magnet that always gets attention. In addition to achievements in the entertainment world and eccentric behavior, style of dress they never left the spotlight.

British actress and singer Cheryl Cole was asked as the artist with the best performances during the 2010 reader's poll in the women's magazine. Meanwhile, Kate Middleton is judged to have a classic makeup nan alluring.
Shelly Vella, Fashion Director of Cosmopolitan said Cheryl's unique appearance makes it won for three consecutive years. "He has his own fashion style and often become inspired fashion, 'he said as quoted by The Sun.

Here's the best dressed celebrity Cosmpolitan version:

1. Cheryl Cole
Cheryl ColePenyanyi ex-wife of footballer Ashley Cole is always exceptional. Cheryl can always find a style to jeans and T-shirt he was wearing looked beautiful.

2. Blake Lively
Blake LivelyAktris is consistent with the style that looks sexy in every appearance on the red carpet.

Blake considered able to explore the clothes that explores its assets, slender legs.

3. Fearne Cotton
In the hands of this girl, any casual outfit look chic. Cotton able to recycle everyday clothing, dipadupadan with the dress designer. The result: awesome.

4. Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham hamilDi every occasion, the wife of David Beckham's perfect. Posh is pregnant too charming. Former Spice Girls who is now a designer has to admit having a flair for fashion. (eh)

5. Kate MiddletonKate Middleton wearing biruPilihan color-selection in the draft that he was wearing considered sexy and smart. His style in every clothing fashion observers judged the character.
6. RihannaRihanna RihannaBukan if his style was eccentric and daring. However, the resulting impression berbusananya sexy and inspirational style. Choice of style deserves a thumbs up.
7. Emma WatsonEmma WatsonTenar through her role as Hermione in 'Harry Potter', all his movements were a concern. Short haircuts who elevated him as the originator of a new mode. Clothing style was unique, combining the feminine with something very casual and innocent.
8. Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston AnistonGaya dress is simple and classic, but still stylish. Although often appearing with a few evening gowns featuring color and sexiness, the former wife of Brad Pitt though this looks awesome in her jeans.
9. Daisy LoweUnderwear model has always been confident with the clothes he was wearing. She looks sexy and trendy, with a style of feminine or masculine.
10. Beyonce KnowlesBeyonceBentuk Beyonce perfect body is the main capital to appear attractive. Leather jacket seemed incredible that she wore on her curvy.